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I can feel in the air that a big trend is coming: mini models reproducing our real houses! A kind of modern dollhouse with which everyone of us could play at the interior designer!

While I was making some research about this new trend I fell into the White Rabbit hole of modern dollhouses and I discovered an entire new world! Did you remember Monica and Phoebe in Friends while they were playing with dollhouses?
I’ve never had a real dollhouse but I loved my Barbie’s villa… I played so much putting things in the fridge in chromatic order or arranging the furniture.
Today dollhouse turned into modern and super stylish game for little girls and big ones! Goodbye Victorian houses, Scandinavian style is here!

There is a real trend calling “Dollhouse Therapy”, they renovate old Victorian dollhouses transforming them into contemporary houses.
You can lost yourself on Instagram, I’ve found Nalle and her #LittleModernFarmHouse. You can barely recognize her real house from the mini one! Everything is perfectly reproduced: you can easily recognise the Ferm Living cutting board, the green mint Smeg fridge, modern tiles, the Kitchen Aid, Marimekko mugs… lot of details!modern dollhouse bedroom plan 1little modern farmhouse before 3 little-modern-farmhouse-beforelittle modern farmhouse modern dollhouse bedroom plan 2 modern-dollhouse-bathroom-2 modern-dollhouse-kitchen-1 modern-dollhouse-kitchen-3 copycase bambole moderne-8 case bambole moderne-9

Linzi Macdonald is another pro with modern dollhouse interior décor: The Little Linzi Project!case bambole moderne

casa delle bambole moderna

case bambole moderne-3 case bambole moderne-4 case bambole moderne-6

From a Finnish living in Canada through Australi, we are heading to England where Elaine Shaw create mini design furniture for dollhouse!case bambole moderne-5 case bambole moderne-7

There are real architects and interior designers for dollhouses! 

case bambole moderne

Cassie James-Herrick – A Doll House for Edie

What’s next? Make dollhouses reproducing real ones. We could play moving furniture and decorating in our mini-houses. It would be a real anti-stress treatment!

In the meanwhile I’ve spotted on the February issue of House&Garden a mini house made by the British artist Louise Bristow!house-and-garden house-and-garden-february-2017

The trend is coming, I can feel it!