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Today air travel is certainly not a relaxing experience, the airport is a place of chaos and endless queues at security checkpoints, aircrafts are basically buses with wings.

Traveling with style is possible, even at the airport!

Airport lounges are some of the frequent flyer’s best kept secrets, that allow you to travel in relax and with the glamor and style of the ’60s and ’70s Jet Age.

The Jet Age glamour

In 1958 airlines started to fly between Europe and the United States using first passenger jet airplanes, traveling times were halved and flying became affordable for businessmen and wealthy tourists.

This was the beginning of the Jet Age, the golden era of air travels!

Airlines were competing to give the best service on board, with sophisticated food and hostesses that pour champagne in high fashion uniforms. The cabins of the planes were equipped with sofas, lounge areas and onboard bars. The atmosphere was quite similar to an elegant high-flying party.


Flying was a matter of style

In this golden era, the airport was a place out of time and space, where everything was modern and shining, a gate to an optimistic and bright future of a smaller world. We’re talking about a time in which having breakfast in London and dine in New York was a revolutionary innovation, when flying was the most amazing experience that a traveler could have.


Braniff Lounge, designed by Alexander Girard


Braniff Lounge, designed by Alexander Girard

Air terminals: design masterpieces

The experience was the same at the airport and on board. New terminals were designed by great architects and designers of those years. Eero Saarinen created his masterpiece for TWA in New York, Paul Andreu designed the futuristic Terminal 1 of Charles de Gaulle in Paris, Alexander Girard transformed Braniff Airlines with the best coordinated design ever.


TWA Terminal, Eero Saarinen


TWA Terminal, Eero Saarinen, 1962


TWA Terminal, Eero Saarinen, 1962


TWA Terminal, Eero Saarinen, 1962

Airport lounges today

Have you ever noticed that business and first class passengers aren’t waiting at the gate with you? They always appear just in time for the priority boarding… but where do they come from?

From airport lounges.



Singapore, British Airways

Airport lounges are probably unknown to the majority of travelers and are one of the best frequent flyer’ secrets.

These oases of tranquility and design, idyllic location in the hectic hustle and bustle of an airport, are designed to make your trip enjoyable and unique.

The best design in the airport

Airport lounges are designed by airlines for premium passengers, they are separate areas from the bustle of the airport, where to relax, work, meet, wait for your flight.

Airlines offer to their best customers a real special experience with an excellent service in a space where every detail is important, where design is the main character.

Like the Jet Age, airport lounges are designed by famous architects and designers.



Los Angeles, Virgin Atlantic, designed by Slade Architecture


Hong Kong, Qantas lounge, designed by Sumu Designs & Caon Studio

Everyone can travel in style

Did you know that there are lounges in every airport? 

Probably not. They are unknown to the vast majority of travelers. Now you are aware of them, do not miss them!

Can you enter a lounge even if you fly in coach? 

Yes, don’t give up! Lounges are available to those who fly in business and first class but also to frequent flyers and to some credit cards holders. In some cases, you can also buy an entry pass.

We’ll tell you the secrets to enter the airport lounge in the next post. Follow us!

Our favorite lounge.

During our last trip, while we were departing from Hong K0ng, we fell in love with the  Pier lounge by Cathay Pacific. A 3,300 square meters area hidden in one of the largest and most modern terminals in the world.

Do not miss the next post, we’ll tell you how to visit this lounge too.



Hong Kong, The Pier lounge, Cathay Pacific, designed by Ilse Crawford


Hong Kong, The Pier lounge, Cathay Pacific, designed by Ilse Crawford


Hong Kong, The Pier lounge, Cathay Pacific, designed by Ilse Crawford


Hong Kong, The Pier lounge, Cathay Pacific, designed by Ilse Crawford


Hong Kong, The Pier lounge, Cathay Pacific, designed by Ilse Crawford


Hong Kong, The Pier lounge, Cathay Pacific, designed by Ilse Crawford

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