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I’ve got a big news for you today: it is not mandatory dress like monsters for Halloween! There are tons of super fun and colorful costumes way more beautiful!

These are my ten favorites from this year: there are mother/kids costumes, pregnant costumes, even costumes theme for the entire family!


For kids: Bubble Tea costume and sardine can costume
Love this one: Painted Ladies costume, the most famous pastel colors houses in San Francisco. 


I love these mother/kid costumes: mushroom/gnome, Miss Chiquita and baby banana, matrioska costume if you are pregnant, brilliant!

Your friends always joke about that dress that seems a tablecloth? Ok, use it for a picnic costume

These costumes are so beautiful that even fashion brand is taking inspiration: last year Brittany made this awesome flower bouquet costume and look what did Gucci during last show…  


Kelly is the real queen of ironic, fun and colorful Halloween costumes! She is so great in this that now she sells kit to create your own costume!

You can find so many ideas, there are costume theme also for the entire family but my absolute favorite is the “that pink door” costume
This is a nice idea if you want to decorate your car too! 

Oh Joy pattern change the entire perspective about orange pumpkins… 

If you have nothing planned for Halloween, these costumes go straight to Carnival inspiration, what do you think?