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My dream is living in the United States. Among all the activities I would do immediately to feel like a real local, one of the first things I would do in Autumn would be visiting a pumpkin patch!

I don’t love Halloween particularly but I’m fascinated by the ritual to go picking pumpkins directly in the fields and Instagram is the other place you can do it. Whether you follow people on the East Coast, on the West Coast or inland, you have your Instagram feed full of pumpkin patches photos.


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Halloween is getting more and more common in Italy too, it’s a good excuse to choose orange, decorate your home and dress up. But pumpkins have a particular charm …

Lombardia is the region of pumpkins: this year it was produced 10 million, of which nearly 5 million in the only Mantua, the real queen of pumpkin with stuffed tortelli.

So I was wondering, how is it possible that with all these pumpkins we did not have the beautiful events in the pumpkin patches too? The mystery is solved: pumpkins are actually collected between August and September! Too early for the Halloween party!

Underwood Family Farms, Moorpark, California

bnrealty.com, Illinois


Are you looking for some idea for your Halloween menu? Pumpkin soup, pumpkin chips, pumpkin pie… my favorite pumpkins are those I can eat!


Photo cover St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Huy Mach