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At the moment you can’t talk about design avoiding “nomadic”, “flexible” and “customizable” adjectives. Furniture and the whole house must have to be adaptable to our new lifestyle always on the go. In this approach, where do-it-yourself becomes a necessity not only to reduce costs but also to create absolutely customized objects, I’ve found Play Wood, an innovative and Italian modular system that allows you, thanks to connectors that seem to be stolen from Lego construction, to create tables, bookshelves, benches, seats and much more.

You choose the connector system and then free choice for the material: wooden boards, plywood boards… but also recycled materials! You can assemble the furniture and reuse connectors as many time as you want to reinvent your furniture in the name of that nomadism that inspires design so much!

What is the most powerful instrument of our time? Sharing! You do not just buy and create your own project but you’ll enjoy a real community of makers, people who want to share their designs and become inspirational to others! This is the most beautiful part of the project!