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Arket is the new brand of the Swedish H&M group: men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories and homeware in the typical Nordic style.
Good quality classic clothes close to Cos’s essential lines but the great news is the homeware collection!

You can find kitchen accessories, tableware, body wash with beautiful packaging, glass vases, home textiles, stationery (there sell even MT washi tape) and books (of those that should be left in plain view as décor!).

My wish list is going on and on to every category I browse and there is also a good news: by subscribing to the newsletter you get a 20% discount on your first purchase!

One important evaluating factor during online shopping is the shipping cost: good news here too, € 5 for standard delivery, € 10 if you can not wait and want the express shipping. Free shipping over € 150.

Currently there are only 6 stores in Europe: two in London, one in Copenhagen, one in Brussels, one in Munich and one in Stockholm, which will be open shortly.

For those who love the Nordic style, Artek will soon be an address (online or not) to remember transforming the style of our homes and feeling a bit more Nordic!