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Bonsai are miniature plants, symbolizing the universe, life and the force of nature. In Eastern philosophy they are considered as art, a sort of never ending work of art because of the endless daily care that plants require.

Bonsai experts must be excellent botanists and also have an excellent aesthetic sense. The plants are intentionally kept in miniature with great skill by trimming and root reducing. A Bonsai is the union between art and nature.

Bonsai are beautiful but they also scare because of their demanding needs. Nendo – the design studio of Oki Sato, the Sensei of design – once again amazes us by bringing the tradition and the millenary Japanese culture to our daily life. And to do this he uses the design language.

In Nendo’s projects we can always feel the Eastern philosophy but it’s updated and translated in a contemporary way that everyone can understand.

With Grid Bonsai Nendo has translated the art of Bonsai into design: the foliage of these miniature trees is made up small sections made with a 3D printer that can be trimmed using a pair of Bonsai scissors. They do not require water or daily care, they just want to bring a symbol of peace, calm, serenity and beauty into our homes. But be aware that even in these small and simple objects there is a symbolic value: every trim is forever, the branches will not grow back, so every gesture must be thoughtful and accurate!

7 shapes for 7 Bonsai tree species that you can shape into a smooth rounded form or a more geometrical one as you wish!

The Nendo’s Bonsai will be on sale from this December at the Japan Botanical​ Culture website.

Photo Akihiro Yoshida – Nendo for Japan Botanical Culture