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Coex is the first cellulosic fiber completely fire-resistant. It’s a project born from two Italian textile companies, Torcitura Padana Spa e Gruppo Zanolo Spa, and it put together the linen aesthetic with high security.

Coex is a 100% natural product, created with materials and fibers of vegetable origin such as linen, cotton and viscose, rendered completely fireproof through an innovative patented technology that doesn’t use chemical additives or flame-retardant resins that may come in contact with skin and environment.

Wool and silk have high fire-resistant qualities but they are not fireproof as the Coex. It doesn’t burn or melt or produce any harmful smoke and it is machine washable!

It has many application fields such as furniture, lines, public spaces, homewear, technical clothing and healthcare. It will become very popular, I am sure!Coex_Woman