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There is a colorful chapel among the Piedmontese vineyards of Langhe, in the municipality of La Morra (CN), is the Cappella del Barolo, a building built in 1914 by farmers working in the surrounding countryside. Used as a place of refuge in case of bad weather, it was called Cappella di SS. Madonna delle Grazie but actually the building was never consecrated.

In 1970 the Chapel was purchased along with the surrounding land by the Ceretto family, which still continues today its activity as the Ceretto winery. After years of abandonment, in 1999 it was restored giving the task to two contemporary artists: Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett.

In 2019 the colorful Chapel of Barolo turns 20 years old. The perfect moment to go and visit the Piedmontese Langhe and discover a contemporary work of art.

The Ceretto family in front of the Cappella del Barolo. Photo Marco Varoli

They say that the two artists were immediately inspired while they had a glass of good Barolo: a “fire lit on the hill” for Tremlett, “an object, a work of art, full of color” for LeWitt.

Sol LeWitt took care of the exterior with large geometric backgrounds and bright colors while David Tremlett decorated the interior with soft colors spread directly by his hands. The two artists created a colorful contemporary work of art that turns 20 years old this year.

The Cappella del Barolo. Photo T. Gerbaldo

If you are planning a trip in Langhe, go see the Barolo Chapel (free entrance). The Ceretto company also offers a series of interesting activities such as trekking through the vineyards and tasting routes.

This autumn, in order to celebrate 20 years of the artistic restoration of the chapel, there will also be a great calendar of events.