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Are you looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day? What is the most beautiful thing to share? Travels! Here you will find 31 gift ideas for people who love to travel!

It will also sound as a romantic message like “let’s leave together!” 😉

Travelogue: you can not go on a trip without a diary to be filled with places seen and places to remember.diario di viaggio

Luggage tags made from real airplane fuselages! (Guess who has suggested it to me…)a319-rotweiss03web

Universal adapter or Rubik’s cube?adattatore amazon Portable luggage weight.
amazon-pesa-valigia Meshu will allow you to transform a special journey into a unique jewel!bamboo_diptych_lores

Coloring book for travelers.buruburu

Coloring postcards!cartoline copy

Chipolo helps you to track down your bag (or anything else!)chipolo

Weekend kit.kit

Bluetooth lock for hi-tech luggages!lucchetto valigia

Solar Inflatable Camping Light for backpackers!luce

Corkboard world map
mappa sugher

Scratch Map

Are you looking for some DIY projects? READ MORE “DISCOVER THE WORLD DIY”

Super funny Earplugsmimi-pet-dog-earplugs-mao-yamamoto-19 copy

Crumpled city: the lightest maps in the world: indestructible, soft and waterproof!Palomar-CrumpledCity07-1200x1090

Transparent City the perfect way to plan your trip!

Are you ready for camping? First camping tent  by Ikea from the new limited edition collection Spridd!
PH139874 Speaker bluetooth and you could bring your music with you!philips 100 places you must visit before you die poster.poster

Coloring map.poster colorare 2 copy

Hi-tech luggage that will tell you where it is, how much does it weight and will even charge your phone!
product_slider_1_2x_1_1 With Seletti bags everything will be in order!sacchetti seletti

Laundry bag.
sacco lavanderia

Shirt shuttle: no more wrinkles!
salva camicia

Mini flatironSchermata 2017-02-06 alle 21.53.56

3D paper globe that lets you trace your travels.Schermata 2017-02-06 alle 22.06.43 Headphones splitter: you can listen music togethertiger 2 copy

Door Handle hangerstiger copy Paper napkin customized with the coordinates of your choosing!
tovaglioli copy