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Villa Nemazee was built by Gio Ponti in the north of Tehran at the late ’50s while. The villa was made for the Iranian businessman Shafi Nemazee, it was the third villa designed by Ponti (the other two are in Venezuela) and it was conceived for what he used to call the “joie d’y vivre”.

Villa Nemazee is a very important architecture and it was registered as a national heritage until it was recently eliminated from the list it is about to be demolished and replaced by a 5-star hotel.
Architects and public offices are trying to save the villa through a petition: “We’d like the Villa to be protected and registered back as a National or World Heritage. Please help us save it by signing and sharing this petition. Act now to save a world heritage from complete destruction.”

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It’s our turn, let’s save Villa Nemazee, sign and share the petitionChange.org.