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You can do analysis to find out if you have the BRCA1, the breast cancer gene. Once you discover what you can do? You can take a lifetime of tamoxifen treatment or decide for a preventive mastectomy (as Angelina Jolie did).

Tamoxifen is taken orally and unfortunately it prevents breast cancer but involves an incredible series of negative side effects.

Sarah da Costa worked for years in pharmaceutical until one day she decided to take the path of design enrolling in Material Futures master at Central Saint Martins, one of the best design schools in the world.

Her graduation project is outstanding: she created an anticancer bra able to deliver tamoxifen through the skin to exactly where it’s needed with no more side effects of the drug.

Tamoxifen is derived from the Foxglove plant from here the idea to microencapsulated the drug in leave shape, they are designed to last for one month before they need replacing and are entirely biodegradable.

In this way the medicine is released continuously and directly where it’s needed through the skin. Now they are running medical tests and will take probably about other 3 years to place the bra on the market. I think this is a revolutionary invention and it opens new chance to many other treatments and diseases.

The Futures Material MA is one of the most popular master from which come the ‘inventions’ that will change the future. A two-year course where they bet on research, where they create and test new materials. Each year the Central Saint Martins exhibits the most interesting projects at the Fuorisalone in Milan, this year they will be present in Ventura Lambrate. Go and look for them, you will undoubtedly find exciting projects!

The dictionary defines “design” as “the design of an object that aims to synthesize functionality and aesthetics”, it is much more to me: design shapes our lives and can make them better. Now it can even save our lives.