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It seams a real banano plant at first sight, then you’ll ask yourself how it can fit inside “the box” and then you’ll understand: thanks to a layers of print and glasses it has a wonderful 3D effect! 

Growing Plants Indoors is the project by the Dutch studio Rem Atelier created by the artist Remty Elenga and the designer Remco van Halderen in Rotterdam. Their works investigate into everyday objects, playfulness and spatial awareness. The works never merely serve to decorate a space. Rather they create an alternate space, subjecting the surroundings to the artwork.

During last Fuorisalone I saw their works at Palazzo Turati and I loved them! rematelier-2 rematelier-4 rematelier-5rematelier-6 rematelier-design rematelier-lamp rematelier-lamp-2 rematelier-plant-lamp

rematelier-7 rematelier-8 rematelier-9

Are you wondering how much they cost? The smallest version, Musa Dwarf, is 450 €.