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When CasaFacile calls I know that will be fun: today I’m playing as interior stylist!


The task was take a nice photo of Scaccomatto hanger by Servetto: a large tower with a copper-colored metal finish (but also it’s available in silver, gold and 7 other colors!), a very useful and ironic object. As scenario I chose my bedroom with the graphic wallpaper that transport us into a fantastic forest.

I created a set for Scaccomatto, an iconic helper to keep everything in order but also a an object that adds personality to the room.
Hangers are really useful at home, but usually you hide it. Scaccomatto instead becomes a protagonist, offering lots of space and personality!

I had fun changing chairs and moving objects, adding books, plants, details, at the beginning you continue to add, than you start to remove, I think that the “taking away” is the secret of the stylists!
Let’s say less is more!

To take a nice picture you have to define the subject, it must be the protagonist, give him a “company”, play with colors and details, and, as I learned from CasaFacile, add some green, plants give a very important “living touch”. In the end is important check to have a clear image.

These are the proposals I sent to CasaFacile, which one do you think they chose? You’ll find out on the new November CasaFacile issue!

Scaccomatto hanger (Servetto), Eames chair (Vitra), rocking chair (Ikea), velvet cushion (H&M Home), geometric cushion and table lamp (Made), floor lamp (Ikea), pink blanket (H&M Home), pink slippers (Oysho), rug (Ikea), wallpaper (Rebel Walls).

Blogpost in collaboration with CasaFacile.