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Barn doors are a new trend on Pinterest and Instagram, sliding doors with external rails inspired from the traditional American barns.

The main feature of the barn doors is the ease with which you can do them yourself thanks to the external rail that does not require masonry work.
Barn doors are great replacement for pocket doors and folding doors, they are a good solution especially for small spaces that do not allow the opening of the classic swing doors.

Photo Adore Magazine, photo Tanya Zouev – Photo The Creative Exchange

Barn doors are characterized by country style, a bit rustic. But if you are looking for a different atmosphere, you have just to choose the right finishes and details.

If you choose them in a different color they become a décor element. Another important detail is to choose the right structure, rail and brackets, and accessories closer with the style you want to recreate.
Rails, brackets, handles, door design and color will dictate the style.

Artisan Hardware American store specialized in barn door


Do not you still believe that barn doors are suitable for every style and not just for the country style? Look what happens with brass track and handle and geometric frames…

Photo Lisa Cohen, styling Beck Simon – My Scandinavian Home

Are not they beautiful? In particular I like very much barn doors in these gray and green dusty colors and also in black.
A great type of doors to close compartments and niches and that you can entirely build them by yourself!