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Lighted candles immediately create the perfect, cozy atmosphere. Inherited from the Nordic tradition, they are the must have of the Hygge style.

Today they have become important home decorations, scented and beautiful candles are everywhere in our homes.
Speaking of the latest trend in candles: sculptural candles and colorful, pastel tones are all over the web!

Candles as beautiful as sculptures, most are made of unscented vegetable wax, organic forms are a huge trend among with geometric shapes, classic columns inspiration and sculptures, here you will find 20 design candles strictly in pastel colors!

20 colorful candles as beautiful as sculptures


Hay candles are geometric volumes in color block designed by Lex Pott, beautiful alone or in groups.
From €39.


These artisanal candles are inspired by imaginary objects from the altars of ancient mythology.
€ 34,50

Maison Balzac

Colorful and sold in pairs, these candles are perfect for create decorative compositions.

Talbot and Yoon

Soft, almost loose shapes for Talbot and Yoon’s Goober candles.
€ 20 on Slowdown Studio.


The Totem Candle is cast in unscented paraffin wax, each candle is like a small sculpture.
From €10 on Areaware

Eno Studio

Factory is Eno Studio’s collection of multi-branched candles inspired by the factories skylines.
From € 19,90 on Made in Design.

Lex Pott

Twist colored wax candles.
€ 25 on Smallable

Bitossi Home

Entirely made in colored wax also… the candle holder!
€ 35,70 on Bitossi Home

H&M Home

The black candle from H&M Home is like a twisted column.
€ 4,99


Aphrodite in soy wax and pastel colors. Candles handmade in Italy.
€ 32

On Monomio you will also find these beautiful shaded candles in different colors.
€ 22 (6 candles kit)

Zara Home

Bust shaped candle… It’s hard to believe that you will really turn it on!
€ 19,99


Those of Trudon are among the most precious and refined candles in the world, reproducing busts of ancient sculptures, from Napoleon Bonaparte to Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV.
Trudon is a historic Parisian maison that produces and sells candles since 1643, they really made candles for Napoleon, Marie Antoinette and the Sun King!
From € 110

Broste Copenhagen

The Bend candles by Broste Copenhagen seems like organic sculptures, available in earth tones.
From € 20,99 on Westwing Now.


Like Doric column for the Ikea candles. Available in different colors and fragrances.
€6 (3 pieces)

Ferm Living

Classic shape but modern decoration for Ferm Living’s candles in palm wax obtained from sustainable forests.
€ 9 (2 candles). Available in blue and gray.


The classic twisted candles become modern in the many pastel colors proposed by & Klevering.
From € 4,50

Always from &Klevering also the colorful conical shape candles.
€ 19,95 (3 candles)

Norsu Interiors

These candles come from Australia, they remind me Doric columns in pastel colors.
€ 9,90


Soy wax candle from the Scandinavian brand Granit. Available in white or gray.
€ 12,90

And if you don’t find the candle that suits you, you can try the most famous Instagram DIY: carving and shaping your candle with hot water! Here you will find the Reel-tutorial made by Maykol and Chiara of Basil Green Pencil!