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Reading the news I couldn’t believe my eyes: at Fuorisalone 2018 there will not be Ventura Lambrate. After 8 years the most lively and interesting event in Fuorisalone has been permanently cancelled.

As you all know, Ventura Lambrate has always been my favorite event of the entire Fuorisalone. I love the atmosphere, the incredible energy that Dutch design brings to the neighborhood, the industrial locations, garages and tire shops that temporarily close to make room for design. Discovering that there will not be another edition breaks my heart.

They did so much for the area. Ventura Lambrate started working together with Mariano Pichler – the architect who had the vision to reinvent via Ventura as art and design district. They both did so much for the Lambrate district.

The reason? Rents have risen too much and since Ventura Lambrate – the only event at Fuorisalone with a top quality curator – presents young designers and academies, costs are a key point to keep the offer on merit rather than the cost of space for exhibitors. The bad side of gentrification.

Margriet Vollenberg, Ventura Projects founder and curator wrote last night, when the news spread out, on Facebook:

“It sounds negative…but it isn’t! Ventura Projects is ready for new adventures in Milan. Besides Ventura Centrale we are launching not only a new venue but a lot more…keep you posted!! Thanx Lambrate for the great years!!
Let’s rock & roll Milano!!”

On Fuorisalone 2018, April 17-22, there will be the second edition of Ventura Centrale, the event that this year made the difference by opening to the public, after more than 30 years, the warehouses of the Central Station.
Margriet promises a new location and a new atmosphere. Rumors say that from industrial buildings in Lambrate, Ventura Projects is looking for a new home in a Milanese Palazzo for a total change of look!

Last night Margriet in person comforted and assured me that it is just a relocation, they are not absolutely ‘going away’ and that the original voice of Ventura Projects will remain the same. Lots of news coming up!

We just have to wait for next news, surely I’ll tell you more here.
Goodbye Ventura Lambrate, it’s sad but maybe it’s time to move on. Even if it will no longer be the same without the Dutch version of via Ventura!

It will be really hard for those next year will be in those locations to maintain the top level and reputation of the area. Maybe impossible.