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Bric is the art exhibition created by the artist Nathalie Du Pasquier at the ceramic company Mutina headquarter in Fiorano Modenese.

If you are design enthusiast you surely already know the name of Nathalie Du Pasquier. She was born in Bordeaux, France but she’s based in Milan since 1979, she was one of the founders of the Memphis design group. Large bold colors and pattern are her favorite language, she worked a lot as textile designer – her tapestries are just fabulous – and she even made a collection in collaboration with American Apparel in 2014 (you can still find something on eBay or Depop …).

With the Bric exhibition Nathalie Du Pasquier created a geometric landscape full of colors starting from the brick, the basic element of architecture and construction.
Since we were children, we play with bricks and experiment with shapes and colors, Du Pasquier has reworked the language of her famous ceramics and her paintings working with bricks.

The exhibition takes form around the idea of the brick as an archetypal compositional part and as a symbol of connection. Taken individually, it is also a perfect work of architecture.

“The brick is the module par excellence; it is small, inexpensive, and with it you can build anything. .” Nathalie Du Pasquier

MUT is Mutina’s exhibition space inside the building designed by Angelo Mangiarotti in the 1970s. Visiting the exhibition can also be an excellent opportunity to visit the entire building!

“Is a brick a way of thinking about ourselves in the world?”
“Yes, if we think of ourselves as each being a module that forms the world. It is a democratic idea, but we do not want to think that we are equal to all the others: we are all very irregular bricks; some want to make a wall, some a castle, others want to make a labyrinth… .” Sara Cosulich, exhibition curator, in conversation wiht Nathalie du Pasquier

The exhibition is open by appoitment only until June, 19. Info: [email protected]

Photo Delfino Sisto Legnani (may I say that he’s my favorite interior photographer?!)