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Every Christmas the choice is between live and artificial tree: what do you choose this year?
I am 100% for artificial tree.
Real trees are beautiful and happy outdoors, they suffer indoor. Often, to keep costs down, trees are not prepared properly, they have no roots and for this reason, after  holidays, even if you’ll plant them, they will die. Let’s face it, artificial trees are perfectly triangular and full of branches. The real ones … are “true” and not exactly like those children draw. Beautiful fir super full of branches you see in pictures often are no trees with roots but only the top part cut out, with no future.

If you really want a real tree then do it responsibility: at Ikea you can buy your spruce 140 cm tall at 14.99 €. After the holidays, you can return it with your sales receipt, and you will receive a voucher for the equal amount you’ve paid.

For each spruce returned, Ikea will donate 2 euros to realize together with AzzeroCO2 a project in a high risk of hydrogeological instability areas in the “Parco del Po Vercellese-Alessandrino” and “Cinque Terre National Park”.

If you’re looking for a mini Christmas tree here there is an inspiration for you: you’ll just need a floral foam and fir branches. You can easily create your diy mini tree (here the tutorial)!

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