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How will be your Christmas tree? You are for traditional colors like red and gold, for pastel shades or maybe for a minimal black & white? I visited the Christmas village at Viridea Garden Center looking for inspiration!

Here you can find decorations of any kind (at great prices!) divided by color. It’s easy to get lost in the shopping!


Look at these beautiful garlands sold in traditional wooden boxes:

viridea-decorazioni-natale-ghirlande viridea-decorazioni-natale-girlanda

Any color you choose for your Christmas tree, do not forget to add some sparkling details that reflects the light.



For my Christmas tree I’m going to get inspired by these red&white glass balls! I will add a touch of metal sparkle, probably silver!
viridea-decorazioni-natale-palline viridea-decorazioni-nataleviridea-decorazioni-natale-alberi-finti viridea-decorazioni-natale-neve-fintaviridea-decorazioni-natale-posta-babbo-natale

At Viridea you have a great choice of do-it-yourself supplies too. There are so many ideas and inspirations to make Christmas decorations:
viridea-decorazioni-natale-calendario-avvento viridea-decorazioni-natale-fai-da-te viridea-decorazioni-natale-pacchetti viridea-decorazioni-natale-pallina viridea-decorazioni-natale-vetroviridea-decorazioni-natale-albero-azzurro viridea-decorazioni-natale-centrotavola viridea-decorazioni-natale-luci-2 viridea-decorazioni-natale-piccoleviridea-decorazioni-natale-presepe