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One day in Burano is a must-see trip if you are passionate about colors!
Here you will be in paradise, and you will visit the entire island in few hours.

Burano is the islands of Venice lagoon famous for lace manufacturing and colored houses.

You can reach Burano in 40 minutes by boat from Venice (Fondamente Nove) or from the island of Murano with the line that also connects Torcello, Mazzorbo and Treporti.

Of its 2,400 inhabitants the most famous citizen is definitely Philippe Starck who has been living in Burano for 35 years and for the Buranesi he’s now only “Filip”.

«Here in Burano, for over ten years, my office was at Da Romano restaurant. Since my room was not very comfortable, I was there all day, sat down at my table, working, drinking, and going back home to sleep. Many great projects were born there». Philippe Starck from a Living interview.

Burano is a dive in colors and peace, you will be able to walk alone through silent calli and I guarantee you will shoot hundreds of photos!
In the end you will probably not be able to decide which house you like the most, not even the color you would like yours!

The most photographed point of Burano is Tre Ponti, where canals cross. From there you will take the perfect picture!

Why houses in Burano are so colorful?

This is a mystery! Someone says that colors were related to families but more likely fishermen started painting the houses with bright colors to navigate more easily in the fog of Burano.

Visit the shops, here you will discover the world of lace, born in Burano in the 16th century. The legend tells that a mermaid gave a fisherman a wreath made by sea foam for his bride and the envious girlfriends of her trying to imitate its beauty invented the merletto.

Where to eat in Burano

After a nice walk you will certainly be hungry, do not worry, in Burano there is plenty of choice and above all without spending so much!
The most famous restaurant is Al Gatto Nero (Fondazione della Giudecca di Burano 88), reserve a table in advance to eat here. If you want a fast lunch go to Fritto Misto (Fermata Vaporetto). But if you want my advice, go to Bar Sport (San Martino Sinistro 286) here I ate the best spaghetti with clams of my entire life!!

Did I make you want to go to Burano? It really deserves! It takes just a few hours to visit it and it will stay in your heart forever!