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The things we love the most are those that we can customize, those on which we can put our signature and feel that no one can have them like us! The do-it-yourself way is a possibility, but not the only one we have!

We have a new attention for details and a great appreciation for customization. The “tailor made” thing was linked almost exclusively to luxury, today, with the development of technology and the internet, the concept has expanded and opened to a wider audience. The customization is now an established trend: from fashion, where for example you can create customized shoes with Adidas, Nike or Converse, up to the design.

The house is the most intimate sphere where everyone expresses himself and his tastes. Now we are able to customize spaces, objects and furniture.

Companies are gearing up with real “digital showroom” where you can simply choose every detail, color and type for your furniture.

For example Normann Copenhagen allows an endless choice from over 70,000 combinations: you can choose your own chair and customize it directly on the website.normann copenhagen create your chairFat Boy allows you to create colorful and fun chandeliers combining elements like candies. You can create combinations of colors and shapes perfect for your space.Fat boy lampadario personalizzabilefatboy-candyofnie-lamp

Alphabeta is a lamp designed by the Italian designer Luca Nichetto for Hem. It’s a system of eight interchangeable elements with which you can create your own composition.


Table Shuffle are coffee tables designed by the Norwegian designer Mia Hamborg, you can play with elements and create your own composition. table shuffle mia hamborgtable shuffle mia hamborg

You can customize walls of your home too: you can create your own wallpaper with Decolution. Did you watch the video I did with CasaFacile?

You can also transform one of your own photo in customized wallpaper with Noplacelikehome 100% Italian company!

Would you like to print some photos? Why not make them in a new way? With Ixxi you can print them in a collage, make an enlargement or transform them into a pixel composition!


Everyone has something from Ikea at home. The Swedish giant has leveled out our kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. But you can now choose Ikea and then “customize” it! There are companies specialized in the production of fronts, sofa covers, fabrics and legs for Ikea products! Sure, it might happen that the pink velvet cover you fell in love costs you more than the sofa, but it is a possibility that today we can consider!

Bemz is specialized in fabrics for Ikea furniture such as sofas, beds, armchairs and cushions. You’ll no longer recognize your Ektorp! You can also ask for free fabric samples.ikea-ektorp-bemzbemz-ikeaikea-nockeby-velvet-bemz

Comfort works – covers for Ikea sofas.comfort-works-ikea

Superfront will literally change your Ikea furniture thanks to fronts, legs, tops and handles!superfront-ikea

Koak Design is a Dutch company that manufactures cabinets fronts in solid wood for Ikea kitchens, bathroom and furniture.cucina-IKEA-reinventata-da-Koak-Design

Mykea is the most economical solution to customize your Ikea furniture with simple adhesives. Perfect for children’s rooms!


Prettypegs will allow you to add new legs for your Ikea furniture, sofas, cabinets, tables and beds. You cannot imagine how it will change their appearance!Pretty-Pegs-Ikea-Legs

Furniture an objects are not the only elements that you can customize: the Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars, founder of the Universe Architecture Studio, has designed the Tetris House, a prototype modular home made by prefab blocks that you can stack and rotate creating 100% customizable configurations!

What do you think? Are you dreaming of change something in your home and customize it? I’ve already put my eyes on my Kivik!