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Timing is everything. It is probably just a coincidence but every time my doorbell rings I’m upstairs and then I have to run arriving quite never in time. This won’t happen anymore … Ding is a smart doorbell that calls you on your smartphone, and you can easily answer (because let’s face it, the phone is ALWAYS near us!) not only from any part of the house but from anywhere in the world!


Ding really promises to simplify our lives. Not being at home it won’t be a problem anymore, we won’t loose visits (these are pros and cons … of course, you can always pretend not to be at home, as long as people believe in this witchcraft!) and the postman won’t rings twice anymore!8c86ceda22c25a9b94e7cf46733b8f15_original

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The crowdfunding on Kickstarter is almost finished, the goal for the project was $ 50,000, they collected $ 107,154 and it’s growing! They’ve not just achieved the goal, they doubled it! Here is the link to the crowdfunding.
The Ding Smart Doorbell has been successfully funded is available to pre-order on Kickstarter until 10 November, 2016. It will be available worldwide and the estimated retail price will be $159 (product arriving in August 2017).

“We have a list of many more ideas and want to apply this same thinking to other forgotten products to make lives easier and more convenient” – John and Avril, co-founder and CEO of Ding.

I am sure that we will hear about them very soon!