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Beautiful ceramic plates and cups made squashing together colored clays in a 60-tonne hydraulic press: every piece is unique, the Kickstarter project is made to support a Liverpool neighborhood.

Granby is a poor neighborhood in Liverpool and Granby Workshop is a creative studio that has been seeking to bring positivity and life in the neighborhood since 2011, engaging in social and urban projects. For the initiative they won the Turner Prize in 2015.

First objects produced were tiles, handles and fireplaces. Granby Workshop now has a ceramic line for the table: every dish or cup is created by pressing the clay and mixing different colors. The results are unpredictable and always different.

The Granby’s project is on Kickstarter and you still have 2 days to support it: with a small contribution you can help fundraising the realization of the project and have dishes and cups (the £ 40,000 budget has been greatly exceeded!).