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Wallpaper is one of the biggest trend of these last few years. You can use it in every room and fits perfectly with any style. How does it’s made?

I had the opportunity to visti the Sarpi factory, not far from Milan, where Jannelli&Volpi wallpapers are made. My guide was Mrs Paola Jannelli herself, creative director of Jannelli&Volpi, one of the most important wallapaper manufacturer and supplier in Italy from 1961.

Here at Sirpi factory designers and architects can stay while they are creating their wallpaper collection. The factory has some small apartments with communal areas because sharing is really helpful while you create something new! jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-1 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-2

The made in Italy is the added value, industry and craft work together creating high quality products exported world wide. You can feel the passion and enthusiasm of those who work here!

How a wallpaper collection is made?
Inspiration is the starting point, it can be original or from the huge company archive. Working on a new collection requires about one year, first 7/8 months are all about research. Here I had the opportunity to peek amazing moodboards full of clipping, fabrics, sketches… all those inspirations needed to create a new collection. Every step of the production is made here: from sketches to the final product.
jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-7jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-3 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-4 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-5jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-20 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-21 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-22 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-23

Traditional printing or digital printing? This is a big decision to make. Traditional printing is more expensive but brings very high standard, to balance the budget you have to produce at least 3000 meters. The digital printing allows you to produce even small quantities, production cost is lower but nowadays you can still have fine prints.
jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-17jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-9 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-10 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-11 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-12 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-13 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-14 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-15 jannelli-volpi-carta-parati-16

At Sirpi they produce wallpaper for international brands too. In particular they produce a reale décor icon: the Marimekko Unikko. Paola Jannelli defined it “magical” because everyone loves its elementary drawing, it infuses you joy and you cand print it in any size and it will remain unique and perfect!


I loved visiting the factory, it was like my golden ticket for the Chocolate Factory! There is an entire world about passion and inspiration behind every single wallpaper. And you, have you ever wander how it is made?