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You surely have seen these gif lately on Facebook or Instagram. Beautiful, aren’t they? But did you wonder who made them? The author is Libby VanderPloeg, American illustrator and artist. A girl with a beautiful, sweet and contagious smile! lifteachotherup_libbyvanderploeg sweatergirl_2_libbyvanderploeg

Libby lives in Brooklyn but she comes from the edge of the Great Lakes dunes of Michigan. I love her works, its colorful, full of positivity, they are simple, ironic, perfect!

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Everything is cheerfull and put you in a good mood! Watch here a very nice video with a Libby’s interview where she talks about her creative process.
I love her maps! They are amazing and very famous,  sono meravigliose e ormai famosissime! You’ll want to leave immediately on a road trip!nytimes_holidayshopping_crop1_libbyvanderploeg nytimes_hamptonsmap_libbyvanderploeg upstatermap_libbyvandrerploeg