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Se ancora non lo conoscete correte sul tumbler del National Geographic Found e passate ore a scorrere bellissime fotografie antiche e vintage. Scatti da tutto il mondo che regalano un punto di vista nuovo e a volte fanno sorridere! Vi propongo alcune delle mie preferite!

If you don’t already know the National Geographic Found tumbler, run and watch it! You will flip through the pages for hours. There are beautiful antique and vintage images. Photos from all the world that give us a brand new point of view, and sometimes they make me smile! Here some of my favorite!
Abu Simbel Temple, 1966. Photo by Georg Gerster – National Geographic.

Alaska, Katmai National Park, 1921. Photo by Lucius G. Folsom – National Geographic.


Aspen, Colorado, 1973. National Geographic.

El Paso, 1939. Photo by Luis Marden – National Geographic.


Giant Mark Twain Redwood, California, 1892. Photo by N.E. Beckwith – National Geographic.


London, 1966. Photo by James P. Blair – National Geographic.


Matanuska Valley, Alaska, 1959. Photo by Thomas J. Abercrombie – National Geographic.


Operators man computers at Eastern Airlines, reservation center in Miami, 1970. Photo by Bruce Dale – National Geographic.


Puerto Rico, 1951. Photo by Justin Locke – National Geographic.


Saint Petersburg, Florida, 1973. Photo by Jonathan Blair – National Geographic.


Signpost on Kanton Island lists mileage to cities served by Pan American World Airways, 1955. Photo by Howell Walker – National Geographic.


South Africa, 1942. Photo by W. Robert Moore – National Geographic.


Victoria Amazonica Water Lilies can reach 20 feet in circumference and support up to 300 pounds each. Salem, North Carolina, c. 1892. Photo by Frank Hege – National Geographic.